born to be real, not perfect


August 2016

We are Complicated Creatures

Aren't we though? I've recently been noticing this a lot. This realization is always what brings me back to the same place, to know and firmly believe that God is real. He really created the entire world. That happened. Who... Continue Reading →


To Be Pursued

(pur.soo) pur-sue: verb: 1. Follow (someone or something) in order to catch or attack them.  2. (Of a person or way) continue to proceed along (a path or route).  Do you remember memorizing little jingles to help you pass your... Continue Reading →

Prone to Wander

Prone to wander, that I am. I'm 28 years old and I have to admit, I still have no freaking clue what will become of my life.  Does anyone really know? There's one thing that I have always know that... Continue Reading →


Day 1….again

Well... Here we go again. Another Day 1. I feel like there's been so many day 1's. 8 days ago was my last day 1, yet here we meet again. They're growing on me. Day 1 symbolizes so much: my... Continue Reading →


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