• the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.
synonyms: recognition, awareness, consciousness, appreciation, realization,                knowledge, grasp, understanding, comprehension.

• a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.
synonyms: impression, idea, conception, notion, thought, belief, judgement, estimation.


It was recently brought to my attention by whom I thought least likely, that perhaps the world has a wrong perception of my life. In recognizing this I saw that this was not just happening in my life, but so many more. The world is currently grasping onto false impressions, ideas, beliefs, judgements, understanding, awareness and appreciation for others. These are lies, yet we believe the anyways.

We all do it, I am even guilty. The sad thing is, I even believe these lies about myself. I know there are many more out there who also believe these lies, whether its about yourself or people you know. Leave a message below, share with me your experience, what did you learn you were you falsely interpreting? Let me break it down easier for you by sharing one of my real life experiences. (Names are changed for privacy purposes).

Freedom Achieved

Ever since I met our good friends Jack and Sally they have been firm believers in regards to spiritual warfare. They believe that bad spirits or omens would enter into their home through certain decor items or photos, or even furniture. If they got a bad vibe, it had to go!

Bless their hearts, they had taken notice to the fact that my husband and I have a couple of decor items in our home that are or have sculls on them. They decided to write us an email explaining how they felt that us possessing these items in our home was welcoming bad spirits and those spirits were hindering our (now I say “our” freely because I do believe *hey….this could be a lie!* that they were referring to my struggles with alcohol) freedom from bondage, and that if we tried different things we would bear better and more fruit, etc.

…I will spare you the details. We took a few days to ponder and pray about their concerns and here are just a few of the truths that we were able to take away from those few days spent with our good good Father, mulling over these comments.

  1. I HAVE ACHIEVED FREEDOM! Long ago! This is my struggle, this is my journey, as you all know. And why/how do you know? Maybe through the grape vine? Perhaps because I shared with you? Did you see something on social media? That’s because I chose to be open and honest about this journey I’m on. I woke up one day and decided I wasn’t going to hide, or lie, or sneak around about what I’m going through. It is messy, all of it, the hair, the house, the relationships, the head, the heart. I’ve invited you all into this is is your interested to hear about it, and that’s my own choice. I ain’t even mad bro. Being open and honest and true to who I really am and what I am really walking through brings me more freedom than I could ever imagine. I could not ever imagine my life holding all of this inside, that must be a living hell. Share with me your truths!! The truth about me is that I AM FREE!! (the lie: I should be ashamed of who I am, of the mistakes I’ve made, and I should hide because I will never be free of my burdens)
  2. MY GOD IS A GOOD GOD! There is not a place I can go where He is not. There is not a single thing I can do that He does not see. There is not even one desire or intention in my heart that He is not aware of. I am forever grateful for this. Why? Because he knows me, inside and out. If I have sculls in my house as decor because I think they look BA, God knows that. He knows that my hearts intent is not bad. He knows that I’m not doing voodoo rituals around this decor, and that we are not giving this decor any power over us. He knows that it’s purpose is just a decoration to me because He knows the deepest places of my heart. There is not a thing that I can hide from Him, even if I wanted too. That in itself IS freedom! Comment below and let me know who knows your heart like this? (the lie: God doesn’t see/understand me or my heart, and He’s not always available for me. His love has requirements or restrictions)
  3. People may perceive my life as unhappy, or sad, or that I dislike my life in ways, but the truth is that that is a lie. Those perceptions hold absolutely zero bearing to who I am truly. Who I am as a daughter of the most amazing King. My life is so beautiful! The truth is that I am blessed abundantly every single day, in more ways than I could ever imagine. When I am in need, I ask, and I receive, every time. I am loved, I am understood, I am protected, provided for, I am given a clean slate every day, I have a purpose in my life and I have someone to direct me to it. I am not lost, I am found, I am free. (the lie: I am not forgiven for the mistakes I’ve made in the past and so I have to continue to carry them with me daily. It matters what people perceive my life to be, if they perceive it then it makes it true)

Let me tell you that at first, I was pretty furious with receiving this email, and feeling pretty down on myself as a person; but after breaking it down and processing what LIES I was believing about myself, and then replacing those lies with the TRUTH of who I am in Jesus, I was able to get back to me again. Oh what a feeling.

This process obviously works when I am receiving lies about myself, but it also works the other way. There are so many lies and perceptions I have of others that are not true of them. I will be writing more on this in my next blog, so please stay tuned. EVEN BETTER: Subscribe and stay tuned for the next 8 months, as I will be journeying through my heart in community and it’s gonna be exciting!!

Update: Still Sober! WOOT WOOT! annnnnd… Thanks to ALL who have been praying for Momma Bear. She is still in hospital and we are currently asking for prayers for a regular and steady blood pressure.

Be blessed! Love you all xo

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