born to be real, not perfect


November 2016

Being an Extrovert with Social Anxiety

My entire life I have been a leader. Confident and strong in my motivational abilities, communication skills, and a bright, outgoing personality. I would then describe myself as talkative, loud, and fun. Being around others energized me and gave me... Continue Reading →


7 Things I’ve Learned Since Getting Sober

Isn't it so interesting how the human mind functions in all its complexity? How we perceive things, internalize them, and then act out of that deep place of emotion. We are unpredictable, easily shaped and influenced. We let people down,... Continue Reading →

My Dirty White Girl Laundry

Hello Friends! I hope this post finds you all well. As I haven't written anything in quite some time; so much has happened. Life has happened. Shit has happened, good and bad, and I'm here today to share ALL of... Continue Reading →


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