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December 2016

Best of Beauty: 2016

Bring on the New Year!! Another year, another batch of fantastic new beauty products! Coming this  new year I am going to be posted monthly blogs called "Hot New Shit"; the posts will be all of my new favorite products... Continue Reading →


Cyber Bullying Campaign – Photo/Video 

  I stand up against bullying and harassment!! Please share this photo to spread some love to those who may be suffering this holiday season. You are not alone! Imagine a world where the words we speak appear on our... Continue Reading →

The Only Makeup Product You’ll Ever Need

Are you a busy parent? Always up early in the morning? Feel rushed all the time or aren't fluent in makeup application? Then listen up; this might be what you need in your life! If you're anything like me than... Continue Reading →


7 Tips To Aid In The Process Of Feeling The Feels

"Feel everything, because you're healing, and because you are allowed to experience all of your emotions at once or in waves. Feelings give you permission to start the process of making your way back home. Why get lost in hiding... Continue Reading →


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