Are you a busy parent? Always up early in the morning? Feel rushed all the time or aren’t fluent in makeup application? Then listen up; this might be what you need in your life!

If you’re anything like me than your skin is a variety of different colors. My cheeks are red; the area around my mouth is a beautiful tan shade (aka: discoloration). My under eyes are usually covered with dark bags, and the rest of my skin is a mix of pale shades, fine lines and large pores. There can be a plethora of blemishes in any different spot on any given day, and on top of that, I have tiny scars from acne as a teenager. Despite all of this, I know that I am beautiful, and confident and loved, and that will NEVER change. No amount of makeup could make me anymore perfect than God has already created me to be.

However, as we all know, I LOVE makeup. I am an artist and one of my canvas’ of choice is the human face. I am energized and fulfilled by creating pieces of art, and so I look forward to dolling up with a full glam face on the daily. Lucky for me, a full face evens out my skin tone, covers my scars and blemishes, and lightens up my dark eyes. I can control the shades of light and dark, contour and highlight. I can paint what I want. I am not going to lie, I do feel more confident, more sure, and more fresh! I have a little more pep in my step!

But there are times when I just don’t want to put all that gunk on my face. I’m just too tired, or feeling lazy. I am rushed and don’t have time for a full face; I don’t want to waste all that product. I may have more important things on the to do list, etc. Those are the days when I reach for this ONE product. Yes, that’s right ladies, ONE. It takes three seconds put on and my pep is back in my step.  What is this amazing product you ask??

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer Treatment in shade Neutralizer…..


WOW! The only downside to this product is its lengthy name! Every time I have to write that out I am just blown away at the length of that freakin name…. Like, really? Is that necessary? But you know what?… it actually does everything that the name states it will; and that is why this is the only product you will ever need. I know I have written about this before, but due to my immense love for it, I figured it deserves its own post; all to itself.

Talk is cheap and so, without further adieu…. Here is my before (left) and after (right) photo. I feel like the photo speaks well to the amazing results of this product.


This concealer comes in 6 shades. 4 colored shades, one brightener, and one neutralizer. For the purposes of this article, I am specifically speaking about the neutralizer.

What does the product say it will do?

1. Creates a radiant, refreshed looking eye area.  ✔2. Helps to erase the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. ✔
3. Diminishes the appearance of puffiness around the eyes. ✔

In addition to what Maybelline says this product will do, I discovered that is has a few other qualities I am quite fond of:

1. Evens out skins tone.
2. Acts as a primer, helping foundation settle more smoothly.
3. Fills large or visible pores and/or scars, leaving a flawless canvas to apply foundation.
4. Spot corrects.
5. Color corrects.
6. This tube fits perfect in your purse for a convenient touch up on the go. (no need to bring an extra brush/sponge with you – you can use the applicator tip as a blending tool on the go!)
7. Retails for approx $9(CAD).

Although this concealer works great underneath a foundation; on most days, I don’t even use foundation with it. The product is full coverage enough to use on its own, without adding additional makeup. In the photos above, I have ONLY this concealer on, no foundation, no setting powder. Just this one product. Amazing hey?!

How to apply:

1.Twist the collar at the top of the tube until product comes out of the sponge tip applicator. Because you have full control over how much product you use, there is none wasted – another perk!
2. Apply concealer to under eyes, T-zone, chin, cheeks – where ever you need coverage! The versatility of this is amazing because it works as a full coverage concealer, a spot corrector AND a color corrector – ALL IN ONE!
3. Use your favorite makeup brush  (circular motions) or sponge (dabbing motions) to buff out the product. VOILA!

It’s that easy! 🙂

Let me know if you guys enjoyed this post, and if you would like more makeup related articles! If so, comment below and tell me what you would like to see! Also, if you try this product, or have tried it, let me know your experience.

Chat soon xo


(*disclaimer: this article is not sponsored)